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Buying EAN codes - What do I need to know?

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What is an EAN code?

An EAN code, also called EAN 13 and GTIN, has the task of simplifying merchandise management and sales processing. It also ensures that individual products can be distinguished from one another worldwide. At the same time, this has many other advantages for sellers of goods, for example, simpler warehouse management, etc. EAN means European Article Number, but the term was replaced by Gtin in 2009. There are still gradations among the EAN codes or Gtins, you will find more details in the next sections of the text.

The numbers are always needed when individual products have to be recorded electronically and forwarded. Good examples of this are Amazon and eBay. Both eCommerce giants rely on EAN codes for administration, otherwise the immense workload would hardly be manageable. In order to make the information readable for devices, a barcode or barcode must first be created with the EAN number. ISO/IEC 15420 is the common standard to ensure a smooth global process. The barcode can then be quickly read by devices, enabling the capture and transmission of information anywhere in the world. About 90% of the globally offered products have an EAN code. This means that the current situation can be recorded at any time, almost in real time, allowing logistics to be adjusted accordingly. The only exceptions to this are products such as some groceries at the weekly market or similar offers.

For each product an individual EAN must be used, the numbers may never be assigned more than once! Likewise, fictitious numbers may not be used under any circumstances, this can lead to the deletion of your seller account!

Buy EAN for Germany

Whether large traders with several thousand products or smaller traders with just a few products, with our EANs you have the best chance of success. Since we can offer EAN numbers very cheap and free of follow-up costs, EANdirekt is your contact.

Aninexpensive alternative to the current GS1 numbers are American codes, which originate from the times of the UCC, the Uniform Code Council. This organization regulated the allocation of the so-called UPC codes before the GS1-US.

The code consists of 12 digits and could be purchased, unlike now, for a one-time amount. There are no subsequent costs, but the American UPC /EAN codes are still taken into account in the current system. The 12-digit UPC numbers are initially supplemented with a "0", which subsequently makes them the same length as a regular 13-digit number. So it is important, if you want to buy a UPC or EAN code, that it starts with a "0"!

This economical option can allow you to significantly reduce operating costs. Unlike the GS1, your company is not stored in the code, but this is in no way necessary. Even if a different company is displayed when the EAN number is read out, this will not have the slightest effect on your sales. If you don't want to spend more than you have to, then buy your EAN codes at EANdirekt. Be clever! Buy EAN from 1 piece


At GS1 Germany, EAN codes are currently (as of July, 2017) available from 1000 pieces. These 9-digit basic numbers cost you about 230 euros excluding VAT. In addition, there is an annual fee of about 150 euros plus VAT. If your company exceeds an annual turnover of 5 million, the annual fee also increases, below that it remains constant.

But if you only want to sell a few products up to a few hundred, you still pay for 1000 pieces. So it would be economically doubtful to pay this sum plus annual fee if you only want to sell 50 products and use the costs efficiently.

At EANdirekt you pay for 50 EAN number only 99€ incl. VAT. and that 1x, no annual fee!

Beware of dubious, cheap EAN numbers!

With many providers you can buy EAN partly very cheap, but here caution is advised. With these numbers, however, there are reports of freely invented or repeatedly used EANs. Recently, we have been hearing again and again about traders who thought a little too Swabian and bought dirt-cheap EAN numbers. This can have unpleasant consequences, such as the deactivation of the merchant account.

TIP: The use of these EAN codes can have serious consequences for the, often unsuspecting, seller. It is not uncommon to face warnings or the deletion of your merchant account. Even if wrong codes do not have to be noticed immediately, sooner or later it will probably have unpleasant consequences. That is why you should check directly with us Buy EAN Codesso you are always on the safe side.

Buy EAN Code at EANdirekt

If you want to sell products online and offline, you have to buy an EAN code for each product in advance. There are various options, depending on the number of products and the wishes of the retailer, different variants are recommended.

On the one hand, you can register complete blocks to your company. In this case, you will be listed as the manufacturer if someone decodes your EAN code. However, for this you firstly have to pay a mostly three-digit basic fee and secondly you have to pay an annual fee which is based on your annual turnover. In addition, usually no small packages are offered, but only those that contain several hundred or even thousand numbers. This is especially unfavorable for smaller businesses and start-ups, as hie costs thereby quickly take off, although you need in doubt only a few pieces.

If you would like to buy a single EAN code or several EAN codes at a reasonable price, we recommend that you order your EAN codes from EANdirekt. By purchasing large quantities of pre-registered numbers, we can offer you these at very attractive conditions. This way you as a retailer have the possibility to buy few EAN codes without having to pay the annual basic fee or the turnover fee. This approach is especially recommended for smaller companies, participation in Amazon FBA or sales on eBay. Regardless of whether you want to buy just one or several thousand EAN codes, at EANdirekt you can buy exactly the amount of EAN numbers you need. And at attractive conditions!

After receipt of payment, you will receive your EAN codes in .txt format within 24 hours to the specified e-mail address.

You want to buy EAN Codes? Now use the request the right amount of EAN codes button and complete the order process.

Pay conveniently by PayPal or credit card and get started faster than by regular bank transfer. After receipt of money, you will receive the codes within 24 hours, usually even on the same day!

buy ean code

Select the required quantity and place it in the shopping cart.

Remember, the codes belong only to you after payment. You do not have to pay an annual sum for their use and can economically buy the appropriate amount of EAN codes.

2. here you get an overview of your order and can still change it if necessary.

Click on "Proceed to checkout!" and you will be taken to the next page. There please complete the remaining data and select your preferred payment method.

TIP: Pay with PayPal and get your codes faster!

All the data you enter is securely encrypted over an SSL connection.

After receipt of payment you will receive the ordered quantity of EAN numbers in .txt format by email.

Orders from Monday to Friday will be shipped within 24h at the latest. Please note, at EANdirekt you can only buy EAN codes! You will only receive the numbers, no barcodes. Barcodes can easily be created by yourself, many eCommerce programs already include barcode generators.

Use after purchase

You can start assigning numbers immediately after you receive them. It is important to use a separate code for each product type. The products coded in this way do not have to be stored centrally anywhere, but at the respective points of sale, e.g. eBay, supermarket, etc. In practice, this means that you or the respective points of sale only have to enter the coded products into the EDP system.

Acceptance of EAN codes

From the technical requirements, you can use our EAN codes everywhere. However, there are some points of sale that do not accept EAN codes from UCC stocks. This is due to the respective company policy and does not represent a defect of the numbers. For this reason, you should coordinate your approach with your sales partners in advance.

Our EAN codes can be used as 13-digit EAN numbers as well as 12-digit UPC numbers. The decisive factor is the preceding "0". By default, you will receive your codes with a preceding zero as EAN.


  • Use as EAN number: 0701234567894
  • Use as UPC Numemr: 701234567894

Buy EAN Code for Amazon FBA

Merchants who want to sell their goods via Amazon FBA program, you usually have to buy an EAN code per product. This regulation was issued by Amazon in order to be able to precisely monitor the internal incoming and outgoing goods. If, for example, a product is now purchased, the changed quantity can be easily determined by EAN number and ASIN.

The company offers luxurious access to the market. Allegedly, Amazon already acts as Google's competitor when it comes to product searches. Marketing costs can be saved in this way, although some of them flow back to the source. There is, of course, a fee for the service. Some find the Amazon FBA program to be overpriced, but on the other hand, it saves you a lot of upfront work.

Whether you want to sell your own manufactured products or rely on imported goods from China, you will need to buy EAN codes for Amazon. Important, every individual product needs an individual EAN number.


You want to offer a hammer in three different versions. One with 300g, 500g and 750g. Now each model needs its own number, so 3 pieces. Whether you then sell 5 or 5,000 300g hammers is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is that this 300g hammer can be identified as such everywhere.

One hears again and again from inexperienced traders who truly assign each product its own code. This is of course superfluous and also not permitted, provided that at least 2 products are the same.

But even far away from Amazon, you have to buy a 13-digit EAN code on most online platforms to trade your product. If you want to sell on eBay & Co, you usually can't avoid suitably marked products. This is equally beneficial for you, as you can also significantly simplify your internal goods registration.

Avoid problems with Amazon

Since the beginning of 2017, there have been isolated problems with Amazon if the 13-digit number sequences are not stored directly on the seller's company. For example, seller A offers products for which he uses registered, but never used EAN codes (as with EANdirekt) of merchant B. In general, this is not an obstacle, as it is only important that the number is unique for a product and registered with GS1. If seller A now sells his products and the customer checks the number sequence, dealer B, who is registered on the codes, appears. In principle, this does not matter, unless you, as seller A, would like to appear directly in place of dealer B.

In practice, the percentage of people who want to see the company behind the 13 digits is vanishingly small. On reflection, the check is also quite pointless, as the manufacturer uses packaging in most cases. And even if they don't, customers know where they bought the product. For the customer, the company on which the codes are stored hardly plays a role. The situation is different with Amazon, however. Since there are unfortunately also double-assigned or fictitious numbers in circulation, Amazon wants to tighten the rules. This is done out of self-interest, because for the eCommerce giant every complication means less sales.

Therefore, Amazon can now cross-check the stored EAN codes. If the company of the seller is not stored, this can have unpleasant consequences. Apparently, the percentage is relatively low, furthermore, there were probably incidents with official EAN codes of GS1. As far as we are informed, it also plays a significant role whether branded goods or private label/ China imports are offered for sale. While strong brands need a suitable, deposited company, the regulation for smaller brands is probably somewhat more relaxed.

Due to Amazon's company policy, it can happen that EAN / UPC codes are not accepted if the country prefix does not match the country of sale or with "foreign" deposited companies. In this case you are forced, if you want to sell on Amazon, to buy your EAN code from GS1.

Alternative: For companies with only a few products, it is often annoying to buy 1000 EAN codes from GS1. If you only want to list a few products on Amazon, you can alternatively order a single EAN code from us for the time being and try setting it up.

If you succeed in creating & publishing the product without any problems, you should have no problems with our EAN codes.

buy ean

Buy single EAN Code? - Only one time 14,90 € incl. VAT!

Check EAN Code

Do you want the address of a manufacturer whose products interest you? With the help of GS1 Germany you can check EAN codes.

On GEPIR, the manufacturer can be identified within a few moments on the basis of this number or GTIN.

If the trader has secured an entire block when applying for the EAN number, he can be identified. Otherwise, the company registered for the number appears when you check the EAN code.

What is the difference to GTIN?

The global trade item number (GTIN) is the same as EAN. EAN was the name in Europe until 2005 (and is still common today). In the course of the merger of the American (UCC) and European initiative as GS1, the EAN (European) and UCC (American) terms were also replaced with the global trade item number. However, the term GTIN is not yet as widespread in everyday life as EAN.

EAN barcode

When EAN numbers are mentioned, they are usually also barcodes, also called barcodes. A barcode is simply an encryption of content. In this context, the EAN code is encoded to make them readable for scanners.

If, for example, a product is read into the POS system, this is done via the barcode. From this, the reader decodes the actual EAN code and forwards it to the responsible EDP system. Consequently, the remaining stock is then adjusted or other desired parameters are fulfilled. In the end, the barcode is nothing more than an optically coded number to enable the simple movement of goods.

If you would like to buy an EAN barcode, you can simply order a tested EAN code online from us and create the appropriate graphic yourself within a few moments. You can find detailed instructions and the appropriate software here.

EAN Barcode Generator

Please note that if you buy an EAN code at EANdirekt, you will only receive the code, the 13-digit number, and no barcodes. A barcode is only the possibility to encode the EAN code optically. In many cases, e.g. with pure online sales, the EAN code without barcode is often sufficient. If you need barcode graphics, you can easily create them yourself free of charge. This can be done partly with your own eCommerce software or alternatively with various online tools.

EANdirekt provides high-quality freeware for you to download free of charge. With the program you can provide as many numbers with barcodes and adapt them to the desired format. The EAN barcode creation takes only a few moments.

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