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EFN barcode

Barcodes are very versatile and can be used flexibly. In Hesse, the State Medical Association is taking the path of documenting continuing education via barcodes. Read below how barcodes have simplified, accelerated and digitalised the proof of continuing education. The uniform continuing education number (EFN) is used to enable doctors to document the continuing education points they have earned. The background to this is that all doctors must undergo further training. […]

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How to get your products on the market
bringing prdoucts into retail

How does a product get to retail? The product is finished, the packaging fits and replenishment is also taken care of. Now the question is how to present your product to as many customers as possible. What good is the greatest product if no one can see it, let alone buy it? Depending on the clientele to which [...]

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EAN codes for food
ean code food

EAN codes for food Unless you sell your food exclusively yourself, for example via your own online shop or in a farm shop, etc., you usually need EAN codes for it. For sales via Edeka, Rewe and similar sales outlets, the products must be marked with EANs, as this ensures a smooth and fast [...]

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