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Order EAN Barcode Labels

Order uncomplicated barcode labels for your products.

The coding is done by default in the format EAN13, the common format for EAN barcodes. Of course, other encodings such as Code39, EAN128, etc. are also possible on request.

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Barcode labels for your products

In order for your products to be registered by scanners, they must each be provided with a coded EAN number. To make this possible, you can choose between two variants:

  1. Your products are simply fitted with the appropriate labels.
  2. The barcode is integrated directly into the product label/design.

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages, but first and foremost the use depends on the desired distribution model.
If you want to sell your products, for example spices, exclusively in supermarkets, the direct integration of the barcode into the product design is recommended.
If, on the other hand, you plan to distribute your products via various sales outlets with and without scanners, codes on the outer packaging (e.g. wholesalers) or if you need to add EAN labels to your products at a later date, applying the barcodes in the form of simple adhesive labels may be less complicated.

What do I need to know about EAN barcode labels?

Basically, there are only two things that are crucial for a smooth operation of the cash register/merchandise management systems. are decisive:

  1. Coding
    The scanners of the respective distribution points must be able to recognize the coding of the EAN codes. The most common code is EAN13. It is widely used in trade and can be processed by the majority of devices. You will receive barcode labels in EAN13 format from us as standard.
    Alternatively, you can also choose from Code39, Code 128, please indicate an appropriate comment in the order.
    TIP: Clarify in advance with your points of sale whether their scanners can read barcodes in EAN13 format or which codes are otherwise compatible.
  2. Size
    You have the choice of EAN labels in two practical sizes. For larger products or packaging it is recommended to use these labels, for smaller products those.