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Free Barcode Generator 

In many cases you need barcodes in addition to EANs to trade your products. EANdirekt provides you with high-quality software for this purpose free of charge for download.
Use professional software to create your barcodes.
With the comprehensive program Zint this can be done in no time at all. Whether EAN13, Code39, UPC-A, the numerous possibilities leave hardly any wishes unfulfilled!

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What is the EAN Barcode Generator needed for?

With a few exceptions, barcodes are required for almost every product. They make it possible that scanners at cash registers can retrieve the required information from the cash register systems. The barcode has only one function, namely to make the 13-digit EAN code easily and quickly electronically readable. If a scanner now reads the barcode, the cash register system receives the information about the EAN. The information previously fed into the system, above all the price, is automatically retrieved. In addition, other processes can be automated, such as reordering when stock is low, etc., depending on how extensive your distribution is. Further uses can also be found in sorting, packing and sending processes. Barcodes thus enable the use of EAN codes in stationary trade in the first place and can hardly be imagined without them.

From the same advantages as with EANs, the high number of different encodings, which are meanwhile across a wide range of industries industries. Not only EANs are coded to barcodes, but also a multitude of different codes are in circulation in logistics, warehouse technology and sorting systems. A classic example for end consumers is the QR code, which has become so popular and can be read and linked via smartphone.

However, EAN13 is still the most commonly used format for regular trade. Unless you are given other specifications by your sales partners, you should always create barcodes in EAN13 format. 

The advantage of coding is that the EAN code is also displayed. If a barcode is scratched or otherwise unrecognisable in practice, it is often still possible to enter the EAN manually. The wording of different generators varies, for example EAN-13, EAN, GTIN, GTIN13, etc. is also used.


To use the Barcode Generator

After the download is complete, unzip the file and start qtZint.exein the folder (default folder name "zint-2.9.1"). The programme will then start automatically.

  1. Select European Article Number (EAN)as the format if you have no other specifications. This is the conventional encoding for EAN codes.
    generate barcodes for free
  2.  Enter the EAN code, but omit the last digit. This is the check digit of the code and the program creates it automatically.
    barcode generator online
  3. Under the Appearance item, you can specify additional specific dimensions if required.


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