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Almost everyone who wants to put their own or a refined product into circulation off- or online has to apply for EAN numbers. Around 90% of the goods traded worldwide are currently marked with article identification numbers (EAN codes). They make a major contribution to all market participants, from the manufacturer to the end customer. Since each product must have its own unique EAN code, it is possible to monitor stock levels, minimise administrative errors and speed up the handling of goods in practice. The 13-digit sequences of numbers often still have to be provided with the coded numbers, the barcodes, for the retail trade. Depending on whether visual readers are used or not.

Detailed information on EAN codes can be found on the home page.

For EANdirect you can only buy registered EAN numbers!

You can only buy registered EAN numbers from us! These originate from the USA before the official appearance of GS1 US. The predecessor company merged with GS1, whereby the issued numbers were transferred into the system.
Those codes are legally handled differently than the numbers currently issued by GS1 Germany. They are purchased once and then belong entirely to the owner - no annual fees.
Each of our codes starts with an "06" or "07" as a country prefix.

After receipt of payment you will receive your EAN codes in .txt format on workdays within 24 hours to the specified e-mail address.

Create EAN barcodes within a few moments

Please note that you buy the actual 13-digit EAN codes from EANdirekt. If you need additional barcodes for scanners, you have to create them yourself.
You can do this partly with your existing eCommerce software or with the help of free EAN barcode generators on the internet. EANdirekt has the right software for you as a free download.

Alternatively, you can also obtain high-quality barcode labels from us.

Your shop software does not offer automatic creation? No problem, in just a few moments you can generate as many EAN barcodes as you like. Simply use the software provided by us. 

Apply for EAN numbers for companies

You want to buy EAN numbers to sell your products? EANdirekt is your contact for barcodes, whether EAN numbers or barcode labels. Request your EAN numbers from us and receive them within 24 hours on working days after receipt of payment!

Whether you need just one code or several thousand codes, you've come to the right place!
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